Partners for Parks works with people across Billings who want to help improve our award-winning parks system.


Our Story

Partners for Parks was originally organized in January 1980 as the “Billings Parks and Preservation Foundation”. The goal of the foundation was to promote, acquire, develop, maintain, and establish public park and recreational facilities in the Billings area. That mission continues today under our freshly focused identity of “Partners for Parks”.

Riverfront Park

In 1982, the Park Foundation’s first endeavor was to solicit and receive donated park land along the Yellowstone River. The Brown Law Firm helped establish policies to facilitate transfers and donations which would qualify as tax-deductible contributions.

Moss Mansion

In 1984, members of the Park Foundation and the Brown Law Firm assisted in the organization of the Billings Preservation society. The Society would operate the Moss Mansion as a not-for-profit museum beginning in 1986.

Amend Park

The Park Foundation assisted in the operation of Amend Park until the Amend Park Development Council was organized in 1992.

LDS Park

In 1999, the Park Foundation assisted in the transfer of privately held land below the rims near the LDS Temple to the City of Billings.


The Park Foundation assisted in the operation of BikeNet from 2000-2001 until the separate not-for-profit entity was organized.

Swords Park

In 2002, the Park Foundation established an endowment with private restricted funds to ensure the long-term preservation of Swords Park.

Frances Park

From 2002-2004, the Park Foundation helped a  local real estate developer establish Frances Park in the Kimberly Heights-Lake Hills area.

Norm’s Island

In 2019, the Park Foundation helped a local real estate developer transfer land along the Yellowstone River to the City of Billings.

Yellowstone Kelly Interpretive Site

Assisted the Yellowstone Kelly Committee and the Chamber of Commerce develop the Yellowstone Kelly Interpretive Site in Swords Park in 2017.

High Sierra Park

From 2009-2012, the Park Foundation assisted with the fundraising for Billings’ first official dog park.

Over $400,000 has been raised and distributed across various efforts:

  • Outdoor Public Parks 80% 80%
  • Historical Sites 60% 60%
  • Facilities 90% 90%
  • Dog Parks 80% 80%
  • Summer Camp Scholarships 60% 60%
  • River Access 90% 90%


All of the accomplishments of Partners for Parks are due to the perseverance of the volunteer board members and advisors. These tireless community advocates contribute their professional expertise in leadership, real estate, construction, law, accounting, and more.

Board of Directors

Jami Clark, Chair

Connor Larson, Vice Chair & Treasurer

Rachel Cox

Pat Davies

Amber Parish

Duncan Peete

Jeff Winkler


Mike Whitaker

Billings Parks, Recreation, and Cemetery Department

Mark Jarvis

Park Planner
Billings Parks, Recreation, and Cemetery Department

Partners for Parks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation accepting tax deductible donations to benefit Billings parks.